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Korean English Hangul Class In Tul
annun-so Sitting stance 앉는서 Stance Y
daebi-makgi Fighting Stance 대비막기 Stance Y
dwitbal-so Rear foot stance 뒷발서 Stance Y
gojung-so Fixed stance 고정서 Stance Y
guburyo-so Bending stance 구부려서 Stance Y
guburyo-sogi Bending stance 구부려서기 Stance Y
gunnun-so Walking stance 걷는서 Stance R
gunnun-sogi Walking stance 걷는서기 Stance Y
junbi-so Ready stance 준비서 Stance Y
junbi-sogi Ready stance 준비서기 Stance Y
junbi-sogi-d Ready stance position d 준비서기 Stance Y
kyocha-so X stance 교차서 Stance Y
moa-junbi-sogi Closed ready stance 모아준비서기 Stance Y
moa-so Close stance 모아서 Stance Y
nachuo-so Low stance 낮춰서 Stance Y
narani-so Parallel stance 나란히서 Stance Y
niunja-so L stance 니은자서 Stance Y
sang-yop-palkup Twin side elbow 쌍옆팔꿈 Stance Y
sasun-so Diagonal stance 사선서 Stance Y
soojik-so Vertical stance 수직서 Stance Y
waebal-so One legged stance 왜발서 Stance Y
waebal-sogi One legged stance 왜발서기 Stance Y
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